bali hai

quick snippets while i gobble down my lunch at work:

my dear elana had her baby boy jonas samuel on monday morning! all are doing well and are right this very moment on their way home.

i got my hair cut and it’s way too short and i hate it because the lady cut off all my curls even though i told her not to and then i overtipped her because i’m too nice.

avi slept straight through last night thank the effin lord. he had a nice bath and six (six!) bedtime stories, and went down around 8:15pm with no ibuprofen but with nice clean sheets. we heard him a wee bit around 6am but he didn’t get up and he was still sleeping (albeit restlessly) when i left at 8:20 this morning.

today’s title is from south pacific and it has nothing to do with anything, i just have it in my head for some totally random reason so i decided to subject it to all you people too. so there.


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