i know things now

stuff i’ve learned over the past week:

  • avi definetely had an ear infection
  • turns out i had bronchitis and a sinus infection as well
  • it’s a poor choice to realize this while your temperature is 101
  • but even that is not as awful as the first time you read your son’s temperature at 104.4
  • apparently babies do that
  • it’s (what?!) not that big a deal
  • bubble pack antibiotics are the shit
  • multiple vials of bright pink amoxicillin and an industrial syringe are not
  • two days off of work is just enough to make me miss it
  • it’s also just enough to make me woefully behind upon my return
  • i shouldn’t try to work for 15 hours the first day back, however
  • (exhausted all over again)
  • it’s also unadvisable to work 12 hours the next day
  • lo, a four day weekend awaits my well-deserving self
  • oh, and it’s always a bad idea to promise updates (with pictures) because the natives get restless and leave snarky comments

more tomorrow.
today’s title is from my old standby, into the woods.


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