kid go!

i had a huge backlog of pictures due to the move, so as much as i’d like to blame it just on being sick, i believe the dates on some of these early ones speak for themselves.

we moved into our new house when avi was right about nine months old. he settled in quickly, doing all the important things he does every day.

like eating. he’s quite good at that. usually.

and playing.

something made far more amusing when the camera’s out, apparently.

or at least the game becomes more about the camera and less about whatever it was we were playing before.

on mother’s day we visited d’s parents and although this picture doesn’t show it, there was much celebrating of all the moms, grandmas, and greatgrandmas.

but holy cow, how cute is this?

my parents also brought us dinner that evening, and we celebrated my dad’s birthday,

and avi went for a walk with nana.

ahem. i got roses. awesome.

as far as milestones go, in addition to the whole walking-with-assistance thing (where assistance is defined as any individual, certified “walking-toy”, or laundry basket that might happen to be in his way), avi is the fastest crawler in the west. he can also stand on his own.

although i can only provide evidence of what happens after he stops standing, since at the time i was still too awestruck to document it properly. i have since recovered.

avi also continues to be very gracious when it comes to humoring my fashion whims. with careful cultivation, i seem to have raised my son to actually love hats as much as i do.

rememember the chicken viking hat?
as i posted yesterday, it has made its reappearance as part of avi’s playtime wardrobe.

which of course i think is absolutely hysterical.

so the tadpole was ten months old on thursday. damn. and since we’re all feeling much better, this is definetly starting to be fun again. it’s going to be an excellent weekend.

today’s title is from the show bring in ‘da noise, bring in ‘da funk


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