The story of the necklace

On August 26, I lost my favorite necklace- a piece D had gotten for my birthday a year earlier. It was one of a kind, hand made by Matthew Naftzger who we’d met at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

I was leaving Hollywood Tans in Shadyside (don’t judge- I’d been tanning for a wedding and was just using up my package) and I had a lot of things in my hand, including my necklace. This is notable because I never carried it out, I never carried it anywhere. So when I dropped it, I felt something slip but looked down and saw everything I expected to be carrying. I didn’t even think about my necklace.

I got home and realized almost immediately what had happened. I was probably back on that sidewalk in Shadyside in ten minutes, carrying a heavy duty flashlight. I looked for a long time, up and down the sidewalk between the tanning place and Capristo’s. I left my name and number at both places and Crazy Mocha in between. And I’ll admit, I cried a little. I posted to lost/found on craigslist and City Paper that night and check religiously for a week. Nothing. D and Avi went back the next day in the daylight. Nothing. Life went on.

Tonight I was at Capristo’s to chop my hair off. (Yes, it’s cute. Yes, I’ll post pictures.) About three quarters of the way through my cut, one of the other girls comes over and holds out her hand and says, “Is this your necklace?” I said “Oh my god, oh my god how did you…?!” and other intelligent things. She later told me I looked like I’d seen a ghost. It took several minutes to sort out what happened.

There was a gentleman cleaning the windows and he found it on the ledge outside. Not the high ledge, the short ledge. Where people sit and smoke. All the time. He brought it inside and the girls thought it was super great (it is) but thought they should check and see if anyone left it outside before pocketing it. I was the first one they asked.

Several things to reiterate:

  • I lost this necklace almost a month ago.
  • Many people sit on that ledge and it was never picked up, if it was even there for any length of time. And if not, where was it?!
  • It was found by Capristo’s WHILE I was there and I was the FIRST person they showed it to. After a month!
  • And there is no doubt it’s mine- it’s one of a kind, as I said, and it’s on the platinum chain from another necklace D gave me, rather than the original cord from the artist.

So. That’s my story. Excuse me while I go play the lottery. Or something.


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