We made pizza (but let’s talk about the zoo instead)

We made three different pizzas tonight (postponed from last night) and they were all awesome, but I’m too tired to post the whole process right now. Tomorrow.

Instead, here is an audio clip of Avi telling me about Jamie the zookeeper who came to his school.

Wait. Context. First, here is the flyer that came home about their upcoming zoo field trip:

This is not the way field trips were handled when I was a teacher. I have so many questions. No permission slip? Well, I guess our permission is implied when we drop him off and pick him up from the zoo ourselves. No times, no meeting locations, no details about lunch? And the kids whose parents can’t get them there? They just have to stay home! I think this is very sad. And weird. But it’s weirdness that will hopefully be resolved before May 13, and in the meantime…

Oh, and those pizzas? Still awesome. Tomorrow.


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