Today was full of much awesomeness and deliciousness.

We made Smitten Kitchen’s breakfast pizza this morning with the last of the dough. Pretty convenient that we’d left exactly enough dough to tackle this treat, and even more lucky that we actually had a) fresh chives b) fresh onions c) fresh eggs and d) bacon in the house to make a version of it happen.

I used the bottom of the large cast iron skillet again. The *only* negative to this method is the weight of the damn pan, but that’s why I keep D around. The heat transfer from the cast iron to the dough is superior in every way to other methods I’ve tried.

I went with a combination of cheddar and part-skim mozzarella, red onions, chives, bacon, cracked pepper and 4 eggs. Cracking the eggs onto the prepared pizza was more challenging than I thought it would be – they don’t necessarily go where you aim them, which is why I then added 2 more eggs. The pie is twice as large as yesterday’s pizzas, by the way, so I got 8 pieces instead of 4.

So, yeah. I overcooked the egg yolks.

But I have a really good excuse: midway through the baking, I found out that my friend Amie had two extra tickets to the They Might Be Giants kids’ show at the New Hazlett Theater. This was supremely overwhelming good news, since I had so completely and utterly dropped the ball earlier by failing to order tickets before they sold out. I’ve been a serious TMBG fan for about twenty years, and Avi listens almost exclusively to their kids’ albums (with some Moxy Fruvous and showtunes thrown in occasionally) so the fact that I waited too long to get tickets to their first kids’ concert in Pittsburgh was a lesson in hubris of the most tragic sort.

But we went! And it was awesome! So incredibly fantastic!

Waiting patiently to go inside

We sat upstairs in the balcony which gave us a great view of the stage and the audience as well as providing Avi and Amie’s daughter plenty of room to dance. There was a large space between the stage and the first row of seats that started empty but quickly filled up with dancing children.

Primarily because of the confetti.

Avi was very interested in how the confetti was distributed across the entire theater. He kept leaning over to catch a glimpse of the confetti cannon in action.

This is one of my favorite shots from the afternoon. He looks so serious standing there with his hands resting on the railing, but I swear this was one of the few times he actually stopped moving.

We took our requisite self portrait shot. Side note: this is seriously more difficult with my iPhone than it should be.

What a serendipitously great day. Right, Avi? Avi?


Nutritional content for 1 piece of breakfast pizza, approximate: 171 calories, 10.6 grams fat, 4.8 grams saturated fat, 178.2mg cholesterol, 367.2 mg sodium, 7.7 grams carbohydrates, .4 grams fiber, .9 grams sugar, 10.9 grams protein.

(Turkey bacon is obviously a smarter choice, as is light cheddar cheese, and neither of which I had in the house. But the smartest choice of all is actually watching the pizza in the oven and pulling it out when the yolks are done. Overcooked was fine, quite tasty even. Cooked-just-right would have been masterfully delicious. But: TMBG! Worth overdone eggs any day.)


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