Steak and beer, but not how you think

Those steaks I made last week were fine, but when it came time to tackle the second package (I’m a sucker for a buy one get one deal, even on an item I don’t usually purchase) I decided to pretend they weren’t steaks at all. I cut them into chunks like stew meat, added fresh cut chives, fresh basil, cracked pepper, kosher salt and my secret ingredient:

Scoff all you want, but the results are even better than the pot roast with Maredsous I made in February. A whole lot better, in fact. This is hands down the best beef+slow cooker result I’ve ever had. When you think about it, it does make perfect sense: Pizza Beer is savory, flavored with oregano, garlic and basil. I’m adding fresh basil and chives on top of that. It’s a natural combination.

I used the entire bottle of beer and no water. That’s another difference from the Maredsous experiment, which was really necessitated by the fact that we didn’t have enough left to warrant a glass. I set the steak to cook in the crock pot for about 6 hours on high heat while we went to hockey practice.

When we came home we were greeted by a delicious smell wafting through the house. Okay, not really. It actually smelled a little funky, but I think we’ve since determined that it was unrelated to the cooking meat and perhaps was Avi’s hockey smell following us in from the car. When we walked into the kitchen, however, it definitely smelled amazing and even more so when I opened the pot.

Moist and – dare I say? – succulent, without even a hint of funk. This is absolutely the way to go with cheap “steaks” because now the meat is so tender it doesn’t even resemble the starting point. Two and a half pounds yielded about 30 oz of pulled beef (I had to confirm that is a thing. Uncle Crappy and Thepgha said it is, though apparently pulled beef BBQ is frowned upon. Noted.) or 10 servings. I’ll probably eat it with spinach and green beans, but I’m sure it would make a pretty sweet sandwich.

Nutritional information for 3 oz of pulled beef, approximate: 282 calories, 14.7 grams fat, 5.6 grams saturated fat, 89.6mg cholesterol, 263.8mg sodium, 1.3 grams carbohydrates, 31.4 grams protein.


6 thoughts on “Steak and beer, but not how you think

  1. You are the first person ever to come up with a good reason for the existence of pizza beer. This sounds spectacular.

    And not all of us frown upon the notion of beef barbeque…

    • Hmmm. Also noted. I should edit that to include “in some circles” ;)
      But I think you’ll find my BBQ knowledge to be lacking across the boards.

    • Well, I dunno. *Does* beef BBQ taste good? That’s sort of my question. I’ve only ever had pork BBQ once before, and that was three years ago in Austin. I thought it was great, but I just learned it was from a chain, eschewed by real Austinites and BBQ gurus alike.

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