Tag, you’re it.

Yesterday the boys went to the Blue Slide Playground instead of stick time, although we had talked about maybe giving Avi some extra time this week to work on his puck handling. His skating has improved tenfold since he started the Little Penguins program, and he’s about 70% fearless, so we thought it would be a good idea to keep up the momentum. Can’t blame them for bailing, though – it was absolutely stunning outside. There will always be stick time, but after a winter like we had in Pittsburgh, you can’t get enough of these beautiful almost-spring days.

Avi met some new kids to pal around with. Such a dramatic change from when we used to do playgrounds a year and a half ago. We once watched him stand at the top of the slide at the zoo for twenty minutes “waiting for all the other kids to finish.” We tried to explain that there would *always* be other kids, and that he would miss out on a lot if he was always going to be the waiter. He final went down with my brother, but his cautious concern about other children really struck me. Luckily preschool seems to have knocked a lot of that out of him, though Clumberkim can attest to how long his rudeness-oh-I-mean-shyness can take to dissipate around other cool kids.

So all of that was just exposition to get to the point: Avi doesn’t understand how to play tag. And this is hysterical to me.

Apparently he was playing with his new friends, all of whom were a couple years older than he is. The problem seems to be that he doesn’t know how to not be It. Several times he announced himself It even in the company of a real It. The other kids, faced with two Its, even one of suspect origin, did what most kids would do – they ran from both. Thus perpetuating Avi’s misunderstanding that self-declared Itting fits within the canon of Acceptable Tag Rules.

Maybe instead of hockey we should be working on his knowledge of basic playground games? Ha.


2 thoughts on “Tag, you’re it.

  1. Missed you by a day. Oliver was there with a school buddy Wednesday afternoon. I’m not sure he entirely understands tag either, though I think they might have done it PE.

    You know I think Avi is IT!

  2. Avi is a genius. All those times when I was running like mad trying not to be tagged It, I could have just said, “I’m it!” and gotten busy taking control of the playground.

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