Criminally easy deliciousness

Nothing wrong with serving leftovers for dinner once in awhile. I eat them almost every day for lunch, after all. So while Avi was chowing down on his warmed up salmon and rice, I decided to get creative with our “dessert snack” and make the easiest, yummiest strawberry crisp ever. Seriously, it’s absurd how fast this goes together, how fabulous it tastes and how minimally it will impact the bottom line for those of you tracking nutritional information.

Super quick granola for the crisp part (all amounts reasonable estimates unless noted): about a half cup of oats, pinch of baking soda, ground cloves, all spice and an 1/8 ish cup of flour (Suprisingly not whole wheat today since it’s on the top shelf and I couldn’t reach it. True story.) Over medium heat, mix in a tablespoon – for real – of light butter and about a tablespoon of honey.

Set this stuff aside and slice up a cup or so of strawberries. Sprinkle them lightly with Splenda if you so desire. I did – 2 individual packets – because they’re the first strawberries of the season and so obviously lacking a bit in the sweet department. Spoon the granola over the strawberries and kick yourself for not setting the oven sooner. Conversely, preheat it before you begin to about 425 degrees. Maybe 450.

We have these great little glass dishes from Ikea that are perfect for this type of wing-it baking. Also genius for eggs, but that’s another story. You’ll notice that my crisp-to-strawberry ratio was not exact; perhaps you could overcome this problem by actually measuring your ingredients.

This is after 15 minutes, but (ahem) I may have put the crisp in the oven before it reached optimal temperature. I did cover it with foil for ten of those minutes to prevent overbrowning the granola.

Mmmmmmm. Delicious.

Shortly after this picture was taken he licked the bowl. Repeatedly.

Nutritional content for one serving (1/4 of recipe) of strawberry crisp, approximate: 97 calories, 2 grams fat, .5 grams saturated fat, 1.2mg cholesterol, 63.8mg sodium, 17.4 grams carbohydrates, 1.9 grams fiber, 6.5 grams sugar, 2.4 grams protein.


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