opening the flood gates

Avi is reading. And writing. And it’s awesome.

Now let’s be clear: he’s not picking up chapter books and disappearing to his room to devour them on his own. Yet. He’s not even really interested in tackling a beginning reader book without one of us sitting with him, just in case he needs help. But two things happened recently that made me really realize that that is right around the corner.

1. He’s reading street signs while we drive. What started out as a joint game to play with considerable prompting has morphed into a totally self-initiated activity. It’s pretty entertaining to listen to.

2. He’s figured out that once he learns to read more confidently, he can help the other kids in his class. This is probably the single greatest extrinsic motivation I could think of for my little busybody. He is well on his way to being an exemplary teacher’s pet. The other day they had to write a word 3 letter word, and he was the only one who did it without help. His word: b-a-d.

Except he’s not. He’s a rockstar.

He loves to sound out words and practice writing them on the giant white board in our living room. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, he even adds to the shopping list.


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