Dinner Partay!

Tonight my family came for dinner, so we kind of went all out. Did I say “we”? I totally meant “I”.

Look! Fancy placemats and candles from Israel, though I should note that this meal was not kosher for Passover for two primary reasons: whole wheat flour (duh) and beer (hmmmm).

What kind of beer, you ask? Well, I seem to have stumbled on an unusual talent for making delicious things with beers shunned by beer snobs everywhere. Exhibit A, pulled beef with Pizza Beer. Exhibit B, today’s pulled chicken with…well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

The chicken (breasts only) went into the crock pot with beer X, cilantro, cracked pepper, kosher salt and 2 limes. After six hours or so, I drained half the original liquid (and a lot of the fat from the surface) and pulled it before adding more beer X, another fresh lime and some chives.

While that continued to cook, we put together the whole grain buttermilk biscuit recipe from Nourished Kitchen.

They turned out lovely, albeit a tad overdone. I had too many things finishing up at the same time so I didn’t check on them until the timer went off. In addition to the chicken and beer X, I also decided to do a quick gravy and some vegetables of course. (Side note, why does meat cooked in its own juices for hours sometimes end up tasting kind of dry? It’s literally dripping when you pull it out of the crock pot, but that first bite is uncannily lacking in moisture. This astounds and annoys me. So, gravy.)

If I hadn’t poured off the fat with the first round of beer X, I might have been able to whip up some kind of roux with that as a base. Instead, I was stuck with some Better than Bouillon from the fridge that may be older than Avi (kidding! Or am I…), 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 cup unsalted butter, chives and half a chopped onioni. Passable for all in attendance but way too salty for me.

The vegetables? Wilted spinach, mushrooms and roma tomatoes. Easy, but also something that had to wait to be made until right before we sat down.

But the chicken, you say. For god’s sake, woman, what about the chicken?! Oh, this chicken?

It was amazing. Seriously. And actually not too dry at all. The lime, cilantro and chives added a really fresh taste to the meat and were of course the perfect compliment to beer X.

Is it time? To peak behind the curtain? Because you kind of are going to die a little. I asked my friends Uncle Crappy and Mrs. Crappy what their suggestion would be for the beer base, and they both sheepishly came up with beer X. I promised not to reveal their part in this if it DIDN’T work, but since it did – and beautifully – they should get all the credit. Ladies and gentlemen, beer X:

I know, right?! Bud Light Lime, take a bow. You made my pulled chicken recipe absolutely a game stopper. No, really. My niece ate the lime beer chicken quite happily and she’s never eaten chicken before. This is revolutionary!

(Isn’t she so cute it hurts? You should hear her talk. Death by cute.)

So that was dinner, plus some amazing potatoes that I failed to document made by someone else in the house. For dessert, I did banana custard. You all know this trick, right? Frozen bananas+a little bit of skim milk in the food processor=practically banana ice cream. Nothing else! No sugars, no nothing. Just peel and slice the bananas before you freeze them so you don’t give your food processor a coronary trying to whip them into creamy custard deliciousness. Avi and and his nana (my own awesome mommy) made banana bread from scratch yesterday, so I served the banana custard with the banana bread and it rocked.

So yeah, dinner parties are awesome. When are you guys coming over to my house?

Nutritional information for some of our dinner tonight, approximate:

Pulled chicken, 1/10 of recipe: 112 calories, 1.9 grams fat, .5 grams saturated fat, 43.9mg cholesterol, 89.1mg sodium, 3.3 grams carbohydrates, .6 grams fiber, .1 grams sugar, 16.2 grams protein.

Quicken chicken gravy, 1/12 of recipe (about a tablespoon or so): 99 calories, 7.9 grams fat, 4.8 grams saturated fat, 20.3 cholesterol, 126.4mg sodium, 5.1 grams carbohydrates, .2 grams fiber, .2 grams sugar, 1 gram protein.

Whole grain buttermilk biscuits, 1/10 of recipe (the original says you should get 16, but I guess mine were a little bigger. Oops.) 183 calories, 9.8 grams fat, 5.9 grams saturated fat, 24.4mg cholesterol, 320.6mg sodium, 21.8 grams carbohydrates, 3.7 grams fiber, .1 gram sugar, 4.2 grams protein.

Banana custard, 1/12 of recipe: 74 calories, .3 grams fat, .1 grams saturated fat, .1mg cholesterol, 6.2mg sodium, 18.5 grams carbohydrates, 2.2 grams fiber, 10.1 grams sugar, 1.2 grams protein.


7 thoughts on “Dinner Partay!

  1. Ummm… I have been trying to get myself invited over for dinner for what feels like a very long time now ;) meal soundsgreat!

  2. Sheepish is definitely the right word. But we thought the lime flavor would work well with the chicken. I’m really happy it turned out well, especially since you were cooking for others.

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