Quiet Time

Avi is a champion sleeper. Since he was born, I am not. I suppose this is how it should be, and sure beats the alternative where we’re both tired. As my friend Clumberkim says, sometimes I feel like I’m testing the limits of sleep deprivation, but I know I’m pretty lucky.

Yesterday was the most recent in a string of frustrating work days where technology and technology providers seem hell bent on destroying my productivity. It’s particularly bad on Fridays since I’m the only one in the office, and therefore the only one running interference with the five (!!!) vendors now involved in resolving our issues.

This morning, I’ve already talked with two of those vendors and a colleague. From my house. On a Saturday. Now it is cool and quiet with the windows closed, and I’m awake (as usual) before the boys.

But this is it for work thoughts for the weekend; there is too much greatness going on to squelch my excitement. Best friends are in town, old friends are in town, college friends are in town. Weddings and babies are being celebrated. I have a brand new dress and it looks fantastic. It’s the calm before the storm, but a good kind of storm.

I think I hear Avi waking up.


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