We’ve been quite busy with family visits and morning hockey practices and various types of work of course, and Avi seems to be a bit under the weather with a sore throat and sad tummy. But I’ve been buying smaller clothes (!!), and other good things are on the horizon, so I don’t really have too much to complain about. I do, however, need these occasional quiet evenings where I can make my own dinner and relax on the couch after he goes to bed. It’s a nice balance to the running around (figuratively and literally) I do the rest of the day.

Our CSA box came today. Apples, hydroponic lettuce, radishes, chevre (soft goat’s milk cheese), parsnips, salad greens and crimini mushrooms. Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky?

Yup, I thought so. But what else? I saved the radishes for D and decided not to tackle the parsnips tonight. I added tomatoes (of course) and some seared tuna that I made in the cast iron skillet the other night.

Seriously? I just finished eating this and am absolutely stuffed, yet this picture makes me want to eat it all over again. Good quality raw/seared tuna is definitely one of my top five foods. Holy cow. I mean fish.

Plus the mushrooms and my staple dressing (that’s the Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing – Chunky Blue Cheese, of course) and I’d call that a very fine salad, indeed.

Eaten on the couch. Because I can. Simple pleasures.

Nutritional information for salad with 6 ounces of seared tuna (which is more than I would usually have, but representative of the picture above, as well as what I actually ate) and 2 tablespoons of dressing, approximate: 306 calories, 6.6 grams fat, 1.6 grams saturated fat, 85mg cholesterol, 294.1mg sodium, 17.4 grams carbohydrates, 6.6 grams fiber, 10 grams sugar, 49.4 grams protein.


4 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. I wilted the radish greens (our radishes were a week ago) as part of last night’s dinner. Still have more radishes to use!

    • I love radishes, but D loves them more, so I let him have this bunch. I assume we’ll be getting more…this week’s radish haul was rather small. But I dig wilted radish greens, too. Also beet greens. Cannot. Wait. For. Beets.

  2. Yum. I made my “famous” (in my own mind) turkey meatloaf and baked sweet potatoes. The little lady wouldn’t eat any of it.

    • Pshaw. Who turns down baked sweet potatoes?!
      What do you put in your turkey meatloaf? I’m a big fan of good ground turkey, but I hate meatloaf because of the ketchup. The other night I did ground turkey with lemon juice, chives, pepper and kosher salt and the texture was closer to meatloaf-y without the ketchup blasphemy.

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