I’ve had one of *those* kind of weeks.

Work was…rough. (Pro tip: always do a sound check before the press conference starts.) And I’ve been feeling under the weather as well. Allergies have finally kicked in enough for me to whine about them, and I was reminded just how much it sucks to your as(th)mar this time of year when I woke up Tuesday unable to breathe. Gym and running took a serious hit due to, well, all of the above. As did cooking.

So we ate out.

Because really, how can you have a bad day when you have a bowl of the best tom kha vegetable soup in the city sitting in front of you?

(From The Green Mango in Regent Square.)

And I did cook a little.

Scallops, fresh red peppers, spinach, mushrooms and CSA pasta. Hardly my finest work, but fresh and healthy and delicious.

Tonight, we are going to Seviche to celebrate current accomplishments and hopeful milestones to come. (Thanks, Burghilicious, for the gift certificates!)

And next week, we’ll try this all over again.


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