The Seviche Post

About a month ago, I won a $50 gift card to Seviche courtesy of Naktournal and Lauren from Burghilicious. To say that I’ve been looking forward to going since then would be a shameful understatement. Pretty much every weekend since I’ve tried to figure out a way to get us there, and we finally agreed to go on a night when we could sorta celebrate “something” – with a loose enough definition of something so as not to delay our trip too long. Last night was the night, and I was not disappointed. However, you will soon discover for yourselves why this can never truly be considered a foodie blog…

Here are my initial impressions of Seviche, around 10pm Friday evening:

  • Loud, confusing and full of Kiwis.
  • Amazing food, courtesy of hilarious and attentive Executive Chef Jeffrey Caulkins.
  • Meh mojitos (sorry!) but delicious sangria.
  • Was that really cheesecake?

And now I will elaborate, sort of.

When we arrived, there were a lot of people spilling out everywhere, loud-but-pleasant music playing and no clear place to go. We stood around in the front of the restaurant for a couple of minutes looking obviously out of place (and feeling it) while several waitstaff walked around us. I felt like we were interrupting someone else’s party.

We walked over to the sushi-bar style seating and had a series of awkward interactions (Executive chef: You guys are welcome to sit here! Waitress: There’s a party sitting here. Manager from across the bar: They can sit there! Etc.) before settling in. I’m pleased to report that the negative aspects of the evening (and in the scheme of things they were small) ended there.

I knew from Lauren which items were at the top of my must-try list, so we tackled the menu with that in mind. We had just started to negotiate our choices when we both pointed to the “Chef’s Taste” option – 7 courses of tapas and ceviche deliciousness. I’m all about letting the chef choose his or her best items to show off, especially in a new place. Done and done, so we settled in to wait for our food.

Rounds one through three were ceviche and I took no pictures, I was too busy eating. Salmon and tuna and red snapper and fire and ice and holy cow except there wasn’t any cow. Obviously I need a new phrase to capture delight and amazement because yay verily, I was delighted and I was amazed.

Round four was the best steamed mussels we’ve probably ever had.

Hey, at least I took a picture of the empty bowl.

Round five (or was it six?) was a steak-ish spring roll. No idea what cut of beef it was; again, I was too busy eating it to take any pictures.

That’s the sangria to the left. Or what was left of it. I quite possibly drank almost the whole pitcher myself. Round six (or was it five?) was also awesome, and Executive Chef Jeffrey expressed dismay that he hadn’t made enough to try himself. It was fish but I can’t remember what kind. I really suck at this, sorry.

And then we come to dessert. A dessert of much confusion and discussion.

My companion swears the server said “cheesecake” upon delivery. There was definitely something about “three types of milk”. But I am positive this wasn’t cheesecake. Everybody knows I don’t eat cheesecake. It didn’t taste anything like cheesecake. It was more of a breadpudding, really – which fits the “three types of milk” description, right? In any case, I ate it all up, so whatevs. And Jeffrey? If you’re reading this? What was for dessert?

So there you have it, Seviche. Next time I’ll know how to dress, where to sit, what to drink and how to order. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Nakturnal! Thanks, Lauren!


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