Let’s do this.

Writing every day for a month doesn’t sound too difficult. I’ve done it before and I’m not afraid.

So much so that I’m raising the bar. In writing.

That’s right, kids: not only am I doing #NaBloPoMo this month (my birthday month, how perfect!) but I am also tackling the 100 pushup challenge, the 200 squats challenge and the 200 situps challenge. And since I’m also continuing my C25K progress (omg it sucks to run in this humidity), I think all in all this is a very in-the-moment kind of month.

Now is the time to get off my ass, I mean my plateau and kickstart phase 2 (more on this later).

Now is the time to seize the changes that are coming and meet them head on (yup, you guessed it, more later).

Now is pretty awesome, so I’m going to work on making it even better day by day. For a month. Or more.

(And a lot of my friends are playing along. Check them out in the sidebar. We’ll probably need some words of encouragement around the 20th or so.)

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