Worst name ever, among other things.

This weekend is Touch-A-Truck.

I think we can all agree that this is a terrible name for an awesome event. For $5 you can check out 60+ construction vehicles, police cars, fire trucks, military vehicles, cranes, school buses, etc.- and by “check out” I mean “climb all over” and, most importantly, “blow the horn” of virtually every “truck” there. But really? Couldn’t they have called it Truckopolis or Truckapalooza or Trucksalot or something? Touch-A-Truck sounds goofy at best and skeazy at worst. Doesn’t stop us from going, of course.

This weekend is also the start of the Three Rivers Arts Festival. And Mr. Steve. Who will be new to us, but thanks to a tip from a friend (‘sup, friend!) has spiked to the top of our list of Saturday plans. TRAF is also where I got my beautiful necklace from Works of Man. Have you read the story of my necklace? If not, you really should. I still have no earthly explanation for what happened.

Sunday is hockey, of course. Then a long-overdue hangout with another friend (‘sup, friend!) before we start it up all over again.

By the way, that Thing? It happened. Can’t share details now, but (you guessed it) soon…


3 thoughts on “Worst name ever, among other things.

  1. We stumbled upon Touch-A-Truck a year or two ago; if we hadn’t been in a hurry to get somewhere else, my inner 8-year-old would have been there for hours.

  2. @ Uncle Crappy – Yeah, I plan to have equal, if not more, fun than my 3 year old. Who says a grown man can’t honk a fire engine’s horn?

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