Variety of Victorys

Avi is napping playing his drums, so I’m enjoying a quiet percussive afternoon back at home after a busy morning.

First things first: thanks to hockey, we have a nice supply of pucks in the freezer at all times. I was able to ice my foot last night and walk on it pretty well today. Probably won’t try running for another couple days, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t broken and that’s the most important part.

So we did indeed make it to Touch-A-Truck, despite the threat (and the actuality) of rain.

Eat n’ Park had their Smiley Cookie trucks there and a pretty cute booth set up for kids to decorate their own Smiley Cookies.

Luckily, actually putting a smile on the cookie (or one’s face) was optional.

But seriously, Avi was a very patient line-waiter and a very conscientious “driver”, especially with other kids. I didn’t have to huck him to let others have a turn,  and he even learned some important things while we were truck touching. Like, I think he’s really got the makings of a solid school bus driver one of these days.

See how he’s looking in the mirror at the kid standing up on his seat? That’s the number one school bus driver skill right there.

After Touch-A-Truck, we headed back home to Highland Park and at Clumberkim‘s suggestion stopped by the Hebrew National Pittsburgh Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic. Avi decorated bags that will be donated to the Community Food Bank.

He also scarfed down a hotdog…

from an Airstream trailor.

But I’m pretty sure if you were to ask Avi what his favorite part about the day was, he’d answer this:

Whereas mine was waiting for me when I got home:

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