Beer Bread, variations on the

I already posted for today, so this is short and sweet not to fulfill my #NaBloPoMo obligation, but to share knowledge. Knowledge gained by further experimentation when I realized I didn’t have enough oats to make more bread today, yet I wanted to take fresh bread to a dear friend’s home this evening. Doesn’t “knowledge” sound better than “I-made-a-mistake-but-figured-out-a-way-around-it”?

(You know, the possibility of just running to the store didn’t even occur to me until just now.)

I had about a cup of oats and about a cup of barley, also of the instant variety, in the pantry. Brilliant. Done and done. D actually prefers the result to just oats because of the nutty barley texture. I probably agree. Everything else was exactly the same as my original recipe.

Variation the second was slightly more creative (by necessity). Having exhausted all the oats and barley, I was left with an unopened canister of corn meal as my only source of inspiration. Swapped out the 2 cups of oats for 2 cups of corn meal. Skipped the fresh herbs and added fresh grated nutmeg, ground cloves and all spice. Added vanilla extract and almond extract. Went with amber agave nectar instead of light. Also used Victory Lager instead of the HopDevil since the whole bread was shaping up to be smoother and subtler in both texture and flavor.

It just came out of the oven and smells delightful.


2 thoughts on “Beer Bread, variations on the

  1. I wish I was more of a baker, but what I like about cooking is being spontaneous and throwing things together without really measuring. It doesn’t work as well when baking, I’ve found.

    • This kind of baking is very forgiving – throwing things together and not really measuring is exactly why quick breads are so great. (And you’ll also notice that’s the kind of baking I usually do, except for challah.)

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