Chef Avi

For Hanukkah last year, Avi received a gift certificate to the Young Chef’s Academy from his great aunt and uncle (thanks, RAMB!) We had such a busy spring with hockey and dance class and everything else that he just had the chance to use the certificate yesterday.

The theme for the “kindercooks” session was the letter X, so the kids made eXtra healthy grilled cheese and buried treasure cookies (X marks the spot, get it?) during their hour and a half class. I hadn’t initially planned to stay, but Avi was a little unsure and shy at the beginning. Since there were a couple other parents sticking around I figured I might as well, too. Plus: bonus gratuitous Chef Avi pictures!

They made the cookies first. In all seriousness, the recipe was simple but the implementation was clever. All the kids got a chance to participate in the dough-making process, and they each then made their own cookies with the dough. One of the other kids asked how they would know whose cookies were whose, and the instructor said “The cookies will know.” Avi found this hysterical.

Avi learned how to separate an egg, which was fairly entertaining to watch. He kept saying, “It really is gooey! This really is very messy, isn’t it?!”

I thought it was really cute that they used a 1/4 cup to measure out the flour so that all 8 kids got a chance to scoop some out.

Oh, the buried treasure? A chocolate kiss in the center of the cookie. Not a difficult task for an adult, but a lot of the kids (including mine) had trouble getting the dough packed around the kiss with their little hands.

While the cookies were in the oven, they started prepping for the eXtra healthy grilled cheese – which in this case meant broccoli, tomato, cheese and herb bread with olive oil done open-face style in the oven.

YCA has these awesome cutting tools for the kids to use. They’re essentially pizza cutters, but both sections are plastic and they come apart for easy washing. I was super impressed with how much the kids could cut – tomatoes, broccoli, bread crusts. I totally bought one for Avi to use at home. Also: he makes a hysterical vroooooom vrooooom sound when he uses it. And a beak!

They painted the bread (with the crusts cut off – the only part of the recipe I disagreed with. In fact, almost all of the kids said they liked crusts and would have preferred they stay on.) with olive oil, which was the point in the morning where I realized my child is a staunch perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing. I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier – perhaps because he’s clearly inconsistent about it. He was so. very. slow. with. the. brushing. that finally the instructor said, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get some oil on there.” He was shocked. “Not perfect? But why not?!” I kind of died a little.

At the end of class the kids ate their sandwiches and cookies with lemonade…

…while the parents stood around kind of very hungry. Everything smelled and looked really good, but Chef Avi didn’t even offer me a bite.

I think this means he’s ready to make his own meals from now on, right?


11 thoughts on “Chef Avi

    • It was tough! Particularly during the egg cracking/egg separating section of the class. There was a little kid who had just turned 3 who got to crack an egg. His mom was also there and he called out to her, “I just cracked an egg and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!” Adorable.

    • The only negative is that it’s in McMurray – which is far for us but even worse for you guys! Let me know if you think Abbey wants to do a class this summer and I’ll check out our schedule.

  1. Mmmm…looks delicious! And, on a completely unrelated note, that playground banner looks suspiciously familiar ;).

  2. Sorry that I was so out of it yesterday…so glad that Jo directed me to this site because I could experience the whole class…the pictures made it awesome.! Thanks and so glad that it made him happy!!

    • You weren’t out of it, you were working hard! So glad we got a chance to stop by and see the store, and SO glad you got to be the first to hear Avi tell about his class! There are more pictures on flickr – I’ll email you the link ;)

  3. Amazing class – amazing recipe for the sandwich – and, of course, amazing kid! He never fails to amaze his Nana!

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