Can I call these cabbage latkes?

So I got a whole bunch of cabbage in my CSA box a few weeks ago. I’ve done cabbage stir fry  – and like it very much, thank you – but I was a little bored with the idea of more cabbage in the wok for days on end.

I did a little research and talked to some friends about okonomiyaki, but that was a little more involved than I was envisioning. Also with the toppings. Blech.

Basically, I wanted to make cabbage latkes, with the cabbage serving the role the potatoes usually play. Except without the flour, because I forgot that part. Riiiight. Can I just skip to the end and tell you they turned out delicious?

Three simple ingredients: chopped cabbage, eggs and fresh herbs. I raided my garden for basil, parsley, cilantro and rosemary because I didn’t really have enough of any one thing to use. Oh, a little kosher salt and fresh ground pepper went in as well.

I did these in the cast iron skillet with some vegetable oil. It took three tries to get the right balance of goo-to-stuff and heat. See the bubbles? That’s a good thing.

Then I served them with Greek yogurt just to make them extra culinarily confusing.

Nutritional information for cabbage latkes, 1/3 latke from skillet, approximate: 99 calories, 6.8 grams fat, 1.4 grams saturated fat, 161.2mg cholesterol, 60.8mg sodium,  3.9 grams carbohydrates, 1.7 grams fiber, 2.1 grams sugar, 6.9 grams fiber.

(The new gym opened this morning, so leftover cabbage latkes were extra awesome for breakfast when I got home from my workout. I’m going back tonight to try a class. Seriously. Don’t laugh.)


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