Mid-month #smug Update

Hey! It’s June 15! Halfway through NaBloPoMo and mi madre’s birthday. Let’s check in on some of those pledges I made two weeks ago, shall we?

Well, our new gym is open. It’s pretty unreal. Something like 45,000 47,000 square feet of intimidation.

Because it is. Intimidating, I mean. The ratio of beautiful people to the rest of us is quite higher than in the preview facility where I’ve been working out since January, and it’s definitely more crowded, even at 6am. That said, I’m still very excited about it. So excited that I went twice yesterday and will be going twice today.

Perhaps more notably, Avi loves the kids’ area – a key ingredient to our long-term gym plan. When I went to pick him up last night, he asked me if I was sure I was done working out because he wasn’t ready to leave.

I’m progressing pretty solidly with the whole squats/crunches/pushups thing, except for pushups. Pushups are hard! Whose idea was that anyway?! I’ve been doing other arm workouts at home as well, and maybe I’m actually overdoing it? Not that I’m seeing gorgeously toned upper arms or anything, but maybe my complete and utter failure at pushups is because I’m not resting enough? I wish I knew more about this part, or could afford a personal trainer. I enjoy the vague feeling of soreness in my abs from the crunches, though. You know that feeling?

I’m going to yoga tonight. I have mixed feelings about group classes based on previous experiences, but I would love to find a regular yoga class to attend. There are a couple others on my list that seem promising – and more realistic for this girl than zumba, for instance – that I’ll be checking out in the next several weeks.

Also, I miss my #smug buddy. I hope she feels better soon. Big new gyms aren’t as intimidating when they aren’t (completely) full of strangers.


6 thoughts on “Mid-month #smug Update

  1. I think the pushups thing was my idea, and I did it ALL THE WAY THROUGH the initial test and day 1. So I have zero guidance for you there. Lots of snotty tissues, though.

    • It was totally your idea. Try the crunch one. It’s much easier to feel like a rockstar with that one. Easier to deal with a snotty nose lying on your back, too.

  2. First (and probably last) comment on one of your blogs. Re “could afford a personal trainer” — did you see today’s amazing Groupon?! And it’s not too far from you guys since you’re up north already …..

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