The best omelet he ever had.

Or so he said. Like three times, so I should believe him. And I’m not talking about Avi, who doles out superlatives like it’s his job. But I guess it sort of is your job to be over enthusiastic when you’re four-going-on-five years old.


The other night I made fresh guacamole since we had some very ripe avocados, actually nice looking tomatoes and a variety of tasty aromatics like green onions, ramps and tarragon. Tarragon? I know, right?! I actually grabbed it thinking it was rosemary since I knew I needed some fresh herbs and I wanted to give my cilantro a rest. Poor little guy needs a chance to grow a bit before I eat all the leaves again. I didn’t realize until after the guacamole was made – and tasted – that the herb was French tarragon from our CSA and not rosemary. Can you tell the difference?

Okay, fine. Now that I look at the pictures together it seems obvious, but the other night not so much. The very good news is that the tarragon was delicious in the guacamole. As were the ramps, but they’re good in everything.

So I had some great dip and nothing to dip into it. Or dollop it onto, as the case may be. I decided to make some quick omelets for this impromptu post-gym meal, and use the avocado as a complement to the egg and cheese.

Mine was made with egg whites, low fat swiss cheese and mushrooms. Guacamole on top, obviously.

Even though I made mine second, I screwed up the flip a bit so it wasn’t as beautiful as the first one. Doesn’t matter, of course, since it was quickly devoured.

On the other hand, the”best” omelet was a victory in both form and function. Three eggs, swiss and blue cheese, mushroms and guac on top. It smelled divine. Gosh, I love blue cheese.

It was also quickly devoured. But I managed to have a small bite just to confirm the sentiment.

Nutritional information for egg white omelet with cheese and mushrooms (sans guac), approximate: 142 calories, 4.6 grams fat, 3 grams saturated fat, 15mg cholesterol, 391.1mg sodium (whoa!), 3.3 grams carbohydrates, .4 grams fiber, 1.6 grams sugar, 23.6 grams protein


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