Fathers’ Day

(That’s not a typo.)

Today we celebrated six fathers with four generations. That’s a lot of dads. And a lot of food. We also celebrated three birthdays, because that’s just how our family does things in the summer months. From May 9 through July 25, we have three anniversaries and ten birthdays on top of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. It’s a little insane. In a good way.

But for this morning, we started the day with hockey practice.

We got Avi’s skates sharpened last night and made the terrible mistake of going to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Here’s a pro tip for all you wannabe hockey moms out there: go to an actual hockey store for best results. It’s worth the extra four bucks. And here’s an even more important tip for Dick’s: if you don’t know how to sharpen skate blades, JUST. DON’T. DO. IT. Seriously. We have to have them redone now because they’re so messed up. Luckily, Avi took the whole thing really well – his fear of falling on the ice has long since passed, so the fact that his blades were working against him all practice didn’t seem to affect his good mood.

Nice sticker on his helmet, right?

After hockey I made cole slaw from the rest of our CSA cabbage (red wine vinegar, dijon and spicy brown mustards, honey, pepper, salt, garlic, CSA carrots, celery, fresh grated nutmeg) and we headed out to my parent’s house for Official Birthday/Father’s Day Celebration #1 (3 FD, 2 BD). They have a pool. By which I mean this:

But hey, it’s the perfect size for the kids. By which I mean them:

Avi and his cousin played in the pool for much of the afternoon. (Special appearance by my brother on the right.) There was steak and potatoes and mushrooms for late lunch, and we finished the last two bottles of my dad’s home-brewed beer. (Just in time because I ordered him two new mixes to try!) For dessert, my sister-in-law made Boston Cream Pie. Creme? I should look that up.

And speaking typing of looking, here’s the inside scoop:

Yeah, she’s a heckuva baker.

Then we set off for Official Birthday/Father’s Day Celebration #2 (5 FD, 2 BD), where there was more good food including key lime pie. Also fireflies because it was gorgeous out. Did you notice?

I think it’s pretty awesome that we got to spend a large portion of our day with family, and that we have so many great things to celebrate and be thankful for. Having almost everyone here in Pittsburgh is a luxury that I am so grateful to be able to give to Avi. In fact, he doesn’t even think of it as a luxury at all. He just knows he is surrounded by parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, cousins and cousins-once removed. (And in the fall, a second cousin!) That’s a very special thing.

Yawn. It’s getting late and I can feel this post getting away from me, so I’ll wrap up with one final image.

Thanks, Dad. Full circle, indeed.


5 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day

  1. I think both spellings are accepted, but I usually go with “creme” because it seems fancier. And sometimes we can all use a little more fancy. And cake. Is your SIL willing to share a recipe?

  2. Of course I’ll share! I used this yellow cake recipe- http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/07/best-birthday-cake/ and the filling and ganache from this one- http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/gale-gand/boston-cream-pie-recipe/index.html . The filling ends up being a tiny bit gritty after sitting in the fridge over night (mine diid anyway), but if you whisk the heck out of it before you put it in the cake it will be nice and smooth. And a little tip for assembling the cake- I cut about a 1/2 inch deep circle into the bottom layer for the cream to sit in so that it wouldn’t all spill out once I put the top one on and it worked out very nicely.

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