Arsenal Ciderhouse and Wine Cellar

Last evening I had the absolute great pleasure of hosting a little gathering at Arsenal Ciderhouse and Wine Cellar, a new source for libations in Lawrenceville. The PG had a lovely writeup about the place on my birthday last week, and as soon as I got a chance to confirm with owners Bill and Michelle Larkin over the weekend, we put a tweetup together.

Bill had three delicious things for us to try: hard apple cider, sour cherry wine (that actually reminded me quite a bit of a cherry Lambic, like Lindemans) and concord sorbet. All three were unbelievable: fresh, crisp and unique. And full of alcohol, so this place isn’t for the kids.

Right now, Bill and Michelle are selling growlers of the cider and the cherry. As a fully-documented beer snob, I can confidently recommend both.

They’re called “Daily Rations”, which I think is both clever and appropriate. We all got a kick out of the names Bill gave us (Artillery Andrea, anyone?) on the labels, too.

We had a great turnout: old friends, new friends, friends from The Internet (that joke may never get old) and the weather was perfect. Most of us bought a growler or two or three (don’t judge, I took two home!) and sat outside enjoying the breeze.

Arsenal Ciderhouse also sells the concord sorbet, but I decided not to get some to take home just because I thought it would be unfair to eat in front of Avi knowing he couldn’t even try it. We were grateful for the complimentary cups Bill brought out to us later in the evening, though! He also alluded to some mouth-watering flavors of both cider and sorbet when the weather gets colder…using words like “pumpkin” and “apple spice”, two of my favorite things.

So if you haven’t made it over to Arsenal Ciderhouse and Wine Cellar yet, you’re forgiven. I mean, they’ve only been open for a week. But do yourself a favor and visit soon to welcome them to the neighborhood. They’re located at 300 39th Street, right off of Penn Avenue. I’ll definitely be back. Have to get my growlers refilled!


3 thoughts on “Arsenal Ciderhouse and Wine Cellar

  1. What can I say but wow! A dream come true for an awesome family. Much planning , hard work and a huge ambition produced a business that I know will just prosper. Bill has been perfecting his creations over that past few years-using family/friend gatherings for sampling; taking our opinions into consideration to only make something good–better.
    Not only are the beverages delicious, the decor is inviting, nostalgic Civil War era motif.
    Bill and Michelle I wish you the best of success in your business!

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