Big Boy Bed

Certainly the little boy who did this to his bedroom wall not too terribly long ago

(he was practicing counting, or so he claims) couldn’t possibly be old enough for a big boy bed.

Actually, he’s more than old enough. And big enough. And has been sleeping in one every other place he visits except for his own bedroom. So today we finally picked up Avi’s first real bed.

And very suddenly and dramatically he is not my baby anymore.

We moved the two small green dressers (that had been mine as a child) from our bedroom into his, and took the large Ikea Hemnes dresser he had (only his was antique wood stain, not white) for our bedroom. Both bedrooms are infinitely better for the change, and much more appropriate for the three people who live here, not just two parents and a baby.

No, he is so very much not a baby any longer. But he sure is cute.


8 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed

  1. We’re about to transition Liam from his toddler bed into a “true” big boy bed in the next few weeks as part of his birthday present. I have to admit I am a little bittersweet about it. Where did the baby go?

    Avi looks so big here. I can practically see the teenager he’ll be, reading in bed past lights out.

    • I know, Amie – it’s insane how old he looks! I cannot believe he is almost five years old! We seriously need to get Abbey and Liam and Avi together sometime soon. Hockey is over on July 11, so maybe the following weekend?

      • The following weekend is Liam’s 4th birthday. You guys should come! His party is going to be that Sunday at 1pm at our place. Rumour has it, there’s going to be a Death Star Pinata…

  2. We’re still trying to figure out when (how long we can wait) to remove the front of her crib. I love having her contained, but it will be a big milestone.

    • I just scrolled through iPhoto – we obviously switched him from his crib to his toddler bed around May 28, 2007 since I have these lovely shots of a nice clean room with a toddler bed! That makes sense, because he was almost two and a total climber. We were worried he would climb out of the crib and fall, so we took it apart on the early side. And strangely enough, he never got out of his bed once he was in it, so in a way he was still “contained”.

  3. Andrea,
    OMG!! I can’t believe he is almost 5!!! and I just read your most recent reply… Noah is 2 1/2 and I just can’t even think about taking him out of the crib!! I am so nervous about it. He doesn’t try to get out at all so I think I’m still safe. ahhhhhhh! where does the time go???

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