Hang on, Snoopy

After two weeks of musical theater camp, Avi and the rest of participants performed You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown last night for friends and family. It was absolutely darling, and I’m totally not just saying that because he’s my kid.

The camp was for students going into first through third grade in the fall, but the amazing staff (which just happens to be my same fine staff from my previous position) made an exception for Avi. I was very very nervous about that – not for the performance, but for the actual process of Avi being with a group learning his lines, blocking and choreography that with another year would come so much easier. Basically, I was a little worried he wouldn’t be able to hold his own with the big kids. I was totally wrong, of course.

During the show, he had some really funny moments as Snoopy, but my favorite was probably the part we practiced over and over at home last weekend.

He stood up on top of the block and said to the audience, Here’s the fierce jungle ape, pounding his mighty chest while the other animals cower in the distance. He throws back his head and emits a terrifying roar. –arf!– Oh, how humiliating. It was hilarious. And he did it so well!

I was crazy impressed with all of the kids in the show. They were totally on task the whole time and sounded fantastic. Everybody really obviously had a great time on stage together. I wish I had managed to snag a picture of the kick line.

After the show, Avi got a beautiful rose from an adoring fan.

And let me take a picture of him in his Snoopy hat.

And today he is already asking when he can go to the next Charlie Brown camp.

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