A Walking Tour of My Walk to Work

It’s pouring down rain right now, Pittsburgh. What a relief after a week of 90+ degrees. My tomatoes thank you.

But this morning it was lovely – cooler than it had been in days, clear sky, pleasant commute. And speaking of, if I’m downtown (sometimes I’m on campus) I have a different way to walk to my office than I used to. Not being in the Cultural District anymore shifts my path south, and I’m enjoying the new views.

I still love the juxtaposition of old and new buildings. PPG looks photoshopped in. It’s not.

I’m going to have to do some further investigating into the above building. It is very stately and very out of place with its neighbors.

Now this? This is exciting news. If Penn Avenue Fish Company is opening a shop downtown akin to what they have in The Strip, do you know what that means?? Sushi. Downtown sushi. Staggeringly close to my office downtown sushi.

Yeah, so that’s still a thing. Hopefully not for much longer. No pictures of the actual new Market Square, though, because I think it’s ugly. But I still visit the lovely businesses, like Las Velas, Nicholas Coffee Company, Crazy Mocha, Prantl’s, The Original Oyster House and even Primanti’s. I just wish the square part had more green space.


In the plaza outside of my building, there are not one but TWO dinosaurs.

Of course you know by now this is quite pleasing to me, despite physiological issues I may have with the sculptures themselves.

And finally, I get to my building. Which I think speaks for itself.


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