Last day of hockey

I’ve written about the Little Penguins program before, but it is such an amazing opportunity for young children in the region to learn how to play ice hockey – and was such a major component of our life for the past seven months – that it’s worth mentioning again. Especially since this morning was our – Avi’s – last hockey practice until October.

Little Penguins itself ended back in March? April? I think April. But Avi’s Little Penguins coaches ( Glen Scholze and Kurt Heinauer, who also work with the Amateur Penguins) put together an additional 10-weeks of Sunday morning practice sessions that concluded today.  We are so grateful for that extra ice time, but more specifically Coach Scholze and Coach Heinauer’s time with the kids. When I think back to Avi’s first day on the ice in January and how far he’s progressed since then, well, it’s clear these guys are absolutely top notch youth instructors.

Avi will be playing developmental hockey in the fall with the Amateur Penguins. He’s only turning five at the end of July, and we certainly don’t think he – or we – are ready for anything more intense at this point. Maybe in a couple of years he’ll decide he wants to concentrate on ice hockey, but for now he is a typical almost-five year old, with a list of desired activities that includes (at any given moment) ballet, soccer, gymnastics, dek hockey, musical theater, swimming, karate, piano lessons and more cooking classes.

Truth be told, Avi’s last hockey practice was not his best performance. He had a lot of trouble focusing, probably because he had nine people in the stands this morning cheering him on. I’d be hard pressed to concentrate with such adoring fans myself.

And adorable ones.

So enjoy your time off, buddy. You’ve got plenty of other activities on your list to try in the meantime. Mommy and daddy are so proud of you, and we can’t wait to see what you tackle next.


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