Rethinking Market Square

As I said before, I am not a fan of the new Market Square design because of the lack of green space. I am, however, a huge fan of the expanded footprint for the weekly farmer’s market, and the fact that I work within sight of all the cool stuff that goes on over there.

I think part of my initial disappointment when Market Square reopened stemmed from the fact that it didn’t seem that different: cars are still (precariously) allowed to drive around the periphery and there’s no grassy expanse like I was picturing while they were working (and which I swear came from a rendering I saw while the work was still in process). But the even terrain (except for those absolutely asinine cobblestones on the “road”!) makes a huge difference in the center of the square, so in that regard I grudgingly admit the transformation is a success.

We wandered down at lunch today since Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh was doing a promotional appearance. We hoped for beer. We got pretzels. That was fine by me.

Hofbrauhaus will be hosting its 2nd Annual Oktoberfest on September 17-19 and 24-26. Can someone explain to me why Oktoberfest is not held in October? I don’t speak German; maybe the ‘k’ changes the meaning to “anytime between the middle of the ninth month and the end of the tenth month- eh who cares, have a beer”? Because I am totally down with that.

The Market Square Farmer’s Market was in full swing when we got there as well.

Because we have a CSA, I don’t usually shop anywhere else for produce, even though we’re capable of eating all our fresh vegetables before the week is up. I was thinking a nice compromise might be knowing I can always pick up a couple of items here to either enjoy in my office or take home for the weekend. Especially tomatoes. I can never get enough fresh tomatoes.

Some of my friends came down for the festivities (read: free pretzels) as well, and we eventually made it back over to “my” courtyard with the fountain.

We watched the kids play for awhile, then played along the edge ourselves until I realized all the people were probably watching us play and that was just weird. I’m a big fan of this fountain. I look forward to Avi coming down to visit so he can run through it like a crazy person because you can do that when you’re almost five and it isn’t weird. (Note: we adults were not running through it. But some of us may have wanted to.)


3 thoughts on “Rethinking Market Square

  1. Oktoberfest in Germany leads up to the first weekend in October and runs more than two weeks (I believe). Seems like HH is doing a variation on it by only doing weekends.

  2. avi LOVES the fountain but i have yet to see him run through it. maybe when he’s 5. the first time i remember him being there, all the other kids were running around and through. he stood at the edge, contemplating the water choreography. then he asked, ‘Jojo? Is this electronic?’ He was probably, what – 3? I believe julie and alicia can corroborate this story.

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