Not Chicago


Since we came home from Chicago, I feel like we’ve passed through a time warp. I can’t believe it’s almost September, and I can’t believe all that we’ve been through this month to get us to this point.






Oh look, we’re at the beach! How’d that happen??

So, yeah. We had two days in the entire month of August that were free of plans or obligations. Two. And September is looking to be even more crowded. Huge shout out to my parents for watching Avi during the day as we adjust to being a 2 working parent household. School (kindergarten!!) starts in less than two weeks.


But for now, we have two more days at Bethany Beach before I have to face my calendar head on. Two more days where the most difficult decision is mojito or craft beer? Shave ice or custard? Shovel or hoe?


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