Here we go.

What better way to herald the start of the craziest month ever by sort of kinda maybe probably likely committing (where “committing” is a very strong word for the internet) to writing every day?

The NaBloPoMo theme for September is ART. I like that. I like art. And we’re doing quite a bit with it this month, as well. Avi is starting dance class again. I’m designing a kegerator for auction at Construction Junction’s Steel City Big Pour on September 11. I’m working on (though not designing myself) the poster for my new story series at work called Show + Tell. I’m involved with CFA students and faculty on a number of projects. It’s a good month for art.

And I think it will  be good to document this crazy time in our lives since it’s moving so quickly. Taking the time to write daily will force me to stop and look around, enjoy the journey and breathe.

That breathing thing? I’m a big fan.


3 thoughts on “Here we go.

  1. Oh, my goodness! My heart goes out to you, my dear. All sounds fun until someone gets (fill in the blank). The breathing thing is good, though, and will help if you remember to do it as you step back to reflect.

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