Most of you know I’m flying solo this week. (That’s part of the reason I’ll be missing PodCamp Pittsburgh 5. [but you should still go! Seriously!]) Luckily, work has been ridiculously supportive and accommodating so I can take Avi to school in the mornings. That’s been an interesting challenge in and of itself, since this is the first full week of kindergarten. He never had a chance to establish a routine before we changed it. I was also able to leave early today to take Avi to soccer practice, so by my calculations we’ve made it through the two most difficult days, schedule-wise (Monday and today), and now have just three full days left.

I haven’t done much in the way of cooking since it’s only the two of us, but I did put together a rather masterful semi-homemade (ugh) sorta-French bread pizza this evening. I had one leftover hoagie-type roll that I split in half lengthwise and topped with leftover marinara sauce from a week-ago takeout order, the last of the shredded sharp cheddar cheese and some fresh goat cheese from our CSA box. I sliced some CSA cherry tomatoes that weren’t cherry in color (they were beautiful yellows and oranges and greens and reds), CSA peppers and a tiny bit of leftover CSA onion. Into the toaster oven they went while I sliced up leftover CSA plums. (I’m making the distinction between CSA and leftover CSA by virtue of when I picked the boxes up. Since we forgot our box last week [!!] the leftover CSA stuff is actually two weeks old. Not bad!)

All in all, a perfectly respectable and super fast post-soccer meal. Not, however, warranting a picture apparently. Nor do I have nutritional information since I didn’t bake the bread or buy/make the sauce.

And yes, tomorrow we are going to the grocery store.


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