So that happened. Wanna hear read about it?

As I mentioned before, I was asked to design a kegerator for the Steel City Big Pour at Construction Junction. I had some difficulty finding a place to paint since I needed to spray multiple layers, but ultimately the good folks at Construction Junction set me up right there. Big thanks to Bonnie and Derrick (sp?) for making that possible.

I documented every step of the three (nonconsecutive) day process. The complete set is on Flickr here, in all its grainy 3GS iPhone glory.

This was at the end of day one. Deep blue, green, yellow and black only.

I used mineral spirits and a one inch brush for the line work.

By the end of day two, I had added aqua, dark green and a more cerulean-y blue.

A closer look, you ask? Sure.

The final step was stripes of red – which were very easy to add in the original Photoshop rendering, but a huge pain in the ass to do in real life. Part of the problem came from the fact that I was also using spray paint, despite the need for a clean line. I had to mask everything off, a feat complicated by the fact that it was so hot my masking tape didn’t stick.

But in the end, I got pretty close to what I wanted.

Yup. That was as fun as it looks. They fit it with all the kegerator hardware, put a nice little handle in the middle of the front door, and raffled it off at the event.

In exchange for my blood, sweat and tears we got complimentary tickets to #bigpour4. We had a most excellent time, drinking much delicious beer and consuming many fine foods. (Three words: Sharp Edge waffles. Three more words: Bocktown She-crab soup. Rinse, repeat.) I was particularly impressed with the folks from Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers (T.R.A.S.H.) and their continually rotating selection. I sampled a sour wheat, a vanilla stout and a pumpkin ale from their booth, and all three were spectacular.

We ran into at least a million people we know, some of whom I knew would be there (Doug and Brad from SIDT, good friends Dana and Shelley, Chris, Amanda, Adam), some of whom I thought would be there (Mindy, Hart, Michael) and some of whom I never in a million years expected to see (Lee!) for an evening of social butterflyness far beyond my usual comfort zone. (Did I forget anyone?)

The only bad part came at the end of the night. I got a tshirt to commemorate the event and was looking forward to wearing it on Sunday afternoon. I must have dropped it (it’s possible I was a little tipsy) somewhere in between purchasing and exiting, because I’ve looked everywhere and it’s no where to be found. I keep meaning to call Construction Junction and see if they have leftover tshirts for sale, because that bummed me out. Oh well.

But for that, a fabulous event all around. And now I’m in the mood for some more pumpkin ale.


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