Not hockey.

Admittedly, it’s also a sport that most kids start long before hockey since it’s not so high maintenance. But while we’re figuring out if/when Avi is playing developmental hockey this fall (since he’s “graduated” from the Little Penguins* program), we thought this might be the perfect time to try out another favorite team sport.

“Team” is of course a very generous term for a group of five year olds running around a grassy field, occasionally kicking at the ball with intention but more often relying on instinct. It’s hilarious, but I promise I’m laughing with them, not at them. Except for this past Wednesday, when Avi was having social hour with two of the girls on his team while everyone else played soccer around them. For like, ten minutes. In that case, I had to laugh at him.

And, yeah, okay. I had to laugh at them here, too:

Because really, how can you not giggle at Danielle‘s son’s expression in the back row? It is my favorite picture so far of the Forest Green team. Quite formidable, aren’t they?

*If you scroll through the pictures on the Little Penguins site, Avi’s grinning mug comes up eventually. I may have screen captured it for posterity. Ahem.


2 thoughts on “Not hockey.

  1. My kid is always pulling faces! If you don’t believe me check out the “Brothers” post on my site. I’d link to it but as you can tell from the time , I’m up nursing the baby. Avi looks super cute, too – right next to Coach Danny! That has to make you smile!

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