Annotated survival

And now we are three again.

Avi and I made it through our first ever full week entirely on our own without any deleterious effects. And aren’t I a spoiled brat for going 5+ years before ever flying solo for seven days in a row. Of course, since he went to school and I went to work every day, one could argue that it was hardly a significant feat. In fact, one could argue that dedicating an entire paragraph to patting myself on the back for a week of single parenthood with a single child is downright laughable, if not actually offensive to the honest to goodness single parents out there. But I assure you, it was not without its challenges (the #peanutbutterincident notwithstanding).

Tomorrow is the start of yet another new routine, although this one will be around for awhile. And we’re still learning the other ones, including everything that needs to happen before and after school. My favorite quote from this past week, where Avi and I were solely in charge of the great list-of-what-must-be-done-each-day, was this gem which I already shared elsewhere, and which I’ve annotated below:

“Mommy, there were two mistakes(1) today – not that made me cry(2), just that we should try not to do again. First, you either forgot to put cheese crackers in my bag or we’re out of cheese crackers.(3) So I had to have pretzels. Which was fine.(4) And second, something must have happened to the lollipop(5) because when I went to get it out of my bag at aftercare, zero lollipops.(6)” (7)

1. I love so much that he prefaces this entire speech with the idea that the issues were in fact equal-opportunity mistakes that could have happened to anyone.

2. Because we all know that Avi cries rather easily, whether in solidarity for all the great injustice in the world or because he doesn’t always get his way, I appreciate that he let me know early on that the no-fault “mistakes” did not ruin his entire school day.

3. I forgot. True story.

4. Of course it was fine! He loves pretzels, even more than cheese crackers. He was probably thrilled that I forgot to put his afternoon snack into his bag.

5. Let the record state that I neither knew of this lollipop’s existence, nor did I grant permission for it to go to school.

6. I’m going to start saying “zero lollipops” when my search for anything (except lollipops) turns up unsuccessful.

7. When he said the words “zero lollipops” he made little zero shapes with his hands, shaking them from side to side. I would also like to incorporate this into my own daily routine, but I haven’t quite figured out where.

So with this week in the books, it looks like we’re on our way to making it through this crazy September after all. And with smiles on our faces. Mostly. These last two weeks are killer, though, and seem to have infected the first two weeks of October. I’m starting to feel the buildup of anxiety that comes before a Big Work Thing (or in this case, A Lot Of Big Work Things).

But for tonight, I’m just another mom making sure her kid has his school snack packed.

Zero lollipops.


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