Fresh fruit and fish

As I said on my public account last night, I had an evening all about cooking and eating. I met up with Lauren and saw @cookingforgeeks at the Waffle Shop (thanks to Meg from Table & Spoon for putting that together). I also ran into Emily at the event, which was a lovely bonus of work + life colliding over food. Grocery shopped afterwards and got home in time to make homemade granola bars for Avi to take as a snack to school this week, and finally – at around 10:30pm – started dinner.

We have a lot of pears from our CSA. More than we can probably eat as, you know, plain pears. I was going to make a cobbler or a crisp, but I’m a little over that right now. Seemed like I should be able to come up with a more creative use for the fruits and vegetables we had in the fridge.

Flash back to Chicago for a minute. We went to Old Town Oil Company during our visit, and while I initially scoffed at the specialty oils and vinegars available for tasting and purchase, I ended up eating my words (and some delicious samples) and buying this:

It smells delightful and tastes even better, but it’s been sitting on the counter waiting for the right application. (Spoiler alert: prominently featured in last night’s dinner.)

Into the wok went roughly chopped pears, onions, fennel and bell peppers.

I drained it several times because of all the moisture in the peppers and pears especially. Pinch of kosher salt and then the peach balsamic vinegar at the end.

I set the fruit and vegetables aside and heated up the wok again without wiping it out first. The vinegar had reduced to a yummy glaze, so I added a little more before introducing some ahi tuna.

It’s definitely much harder to sear in a wok than in my cast iron skillet, so I opted for rare-ish.

Sweet and fresh without being syrupy. I was particularly pleased with the vegetable combination. As is often the case when I cook late at night, I skipped the substrate (read: the starch – usually rice, quinoa, couscous, etc.) and just had the fish and fruit/vegetables. I think a hearty brown rice would work nicely in addition, though.

It sure is nice to be back in the kitchen.

Oops. I was all ready to post the nutritional information, but I realized I actually don’t know the numbers on the vinegar. If I can figure that out, I’ll update.


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