I <3 Fall in the kitchen.

Yesterday was an awesome fall day on so many accounts. Beautiful weather (at least for the majority of the day), soccer, napping, beer (and cider!), cooking and baking. And I wasn’t even the one who got to nap!

We’ve been keeping our growlers filled pretty regularly, cycling through as many delicious pumpkin beers as possible before they disappear for the season. Somehow in the midst of that, an older growler about a third full of Golden Monkey sat unfinished in the wayback of the refrigerator for about a week and a half. My general method of dealing with this – on the rare, rare occasion it happens – is to cook with the remainder, and luckily it is not only now officially #sweaterweather, it is also #slowcookerweather. Huzzah!

Conveniently, we’ve also been inundated with potatoes of all shapes and sizes in our CSA box lately, so into the slow cooker went the Golden Monkey, fingerling potatoes, yams, regular potatoes (??), onions and beef. I added kosher salt and a bag of homegrown basil from the freezer.

Since I’m more of an instant-gratification kind of gal, the one thing I don’t love about the slow cooker is the wait. (I know!) So I consider it the perfect opportunity to make something else, usually baked since the oven is free.

I’ve been toying with the idea of oatmeal peach cookies ever since I made amazing peach granola bars for Avi. I don’t always love tinkering with the oatmeal raisin combination – for example, my darling mother (hi mom!) makes oatmeal cherry cookies that everybody else loves better than the original, but I think I just don’t love the dried sour cherry flavor. Dried peaches, on the other hand, are a dehydrated fruit I can get behind.

I stuck pretty closely to the recipe in Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for More Food, replacing the ground cinnamon with ground cloves and nutmeg and of course replacing the two cups of raisins with two cups of dried white peaches.

The recipe itself is more complicated than I usually attempt, as I am sadly still Kitchenaid-less. Creaming the sugar and butter, adding the flour and then the oats…it’s basically a recipe for cement at that point, and my little hand mixer wasn’t a fan. I made quite a mess, but it was worth it.

The cookies are moist and flavorful, and the peach is an awesome alternative to raisins. It makes the cookies “feel” lighter to me, although I am perfectly aware of how NOT light these are! The recipe makes six dozen; I got slightly more.

By the time the cookies were finished, we were leaving to go out to dinner so I had something else to keep me occupied while the beer stew bubbled away in the slow cooker. The house smelled like cookies when we left, and stew when we got back home, so I knew it was pretty close to done.

Today the temperature is even cooler than it was yesterday, which pretty much makes this the perfect lunch ever.


3 thoughts on “I <3 Fall in the kitchen.

  1. Initially had trouble getting to this (?), but persisted and obviously was successful. Cookies sound fantastic! Save me one and bring it on Sunday!

    • Did you see the part where I made more than six dozen?! There will most definitely be some left on Sunday!

      If you came via FB, the link was really wonky. Sorry about that.

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