Almost there

Well, I’m more than half way through the craziness. One more meeting on Thursday of this week, then Monday and Thursday of next week and I can breathe again until Homecoming. (Ha!) But in some ways it’s been an easier road than I was expecting – Avi’s transition to a non-family babysitter was brilliantly simple, for one. And my big event last week was smashingly successful. Nothing like a win under your belt to take the edge off.

Avi started hockey again, then promptly has two weeks off while the rink hosts tournaments for the big kids. That scheduling bonus is a huge help, since the overlap of soccer and hockey on the same day for one little five year old is admittedly somewhat obnoxious. Luckily we only have to do it three times before soccer is done for the year and hockey is his sole activity.

(This is also what happens when hockey starts before the temperature outside catches up to the season. And look: Avi got a new hockey stick because he’s so tall! First time we had to buy replacement equipment. #milestone.)

But besides Avi’s activities and work, I haven’t been able to do much socially because of the um, work and Avi stuff. Riiiiiight. It sounds a little lame, but I miss my friends! When I was mentally preparing for this marathon of calendar mayhem, the one thing I forgot to allow for was socialization. I made sure the house would be clean and we would be fed. I accounted for Avi going to and coming from school. I (mostly) have kept up with laundry. But as much as I adore my new coworkers and OF COURSE my family, I miss everyone else I don’t get to see as often, especially when I hear about all the fun stuff they’ve been up to on teh twitterz.

So I’m almost there. Almost back to work/life balance! But in the meantime, I did make a delicious tom kha soup from scratch.

Maybe I should just invite you guys over for dinner, eh?!

6 thoughts on “Almost there

  1. Umm, yes please!

    How cool that you had to buy a new stick? The old one looks TINY.

    Where does Avi play? Zach is ALL about getting Alex to play when he’s old enough.

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