Where do we go? Where do we go now?

I’ve said before that this is clearly not (exclusively) a food blog. Just look at the sidebar to see the giant “Avi Bear” and you’ll know right away I tend to write most about the kiddo. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy having a single place to document my cooking processes and calculated nutritional information. It’s just nice having no specific agenda. But since I have some great IRL friends with absolutely stunning food blogs, I do tend to think about that side of things when I’m in the kitchen.

What I have absolutely zero interest in doing, however, is posting “reviews” of local restaurants. Not only am I supremely unqualified (but if I ever wanted to learn, I’d start here) – being just of the “loves to eat” persuasion, and not at all of the “studied food formally” ilk, I very much want to keep my restaurant enjoyment exactly that: full of joy. And food. Right. I also now have several friends whose own restaurants are personal favorites, and I think about how it might feel to have some outsider write a negative review about a place I really love. I don’t want to ever be in the position to do that for someone else’s favorite place.

In any case, after two paragraphs of slightly-off-topic disclaimers, I’m finally to the point: I’m looking for some new restaurants to try. We’ve got two awesome babysitters (two links for two great gals) to put to work here, people. And lots of date nights to catch up on.

For context, here are some of our recent visits:

Seviche, in downtown Pittsburgh
The Grand Concourse (for brunch), in downtown Pittsburgh
Sharp Edge Bistro, in downtown Pittsburgh
Avenue B, in Shadyside/Bloomfield/Friendship (depending on where you draw the line)
Bocktown, in Robinson
Mitchell’s Fish Market (breaking the “locally-owned only” rule. Sorry.), in the Waterfront (but included here because it’s AKA, the place where we got a sea star in our mussels. True story.)

And here are some favorites/comfort food (you decide which are which) where we have a gift certificate from Groupon or Restaurant.com:

Abay, in East Liberty
Ryan’s Pub, in Regent Square
Burma-Tokyo, in Oakland

And here are two new places where we also have a gift certificate to use:

Ibiza, on the Southside
Original Fish Market, in downtown Pittsburgh

All that being said, I’m most interested in your MUST TRY spots. Your holy-cow-how-have-you-not-been-here-yet spots. Your go-here-next spots. And your extra-special-occasion spots. The only rule is that it must be locally owned.

So, go to it.


14 thoughts on “Where do we go? Where do we go now?

  1. The places we drag people to whenever we get the chance (all are food related, but not perhaps meal related):
    Tessaro’s in Lawrenceville – their burgers are amazing.
    Klavon’s in the Strip – Ice cream parlor, food is fairly simple but their ice cream and drinks are awesome (http://www.klavonsicecream.com/)
    61c Cafe – Their smoothies are awesome and fresh and as simple as can be (http://61ccafe.com/)
    Church Brew Works – Food is good but somewhat expensive, and their beer is awesome. (http://www.churchbrew.com/)
    Pittsburgh BBQ – Doesn’t seem to be terribly common to find a place up here that does BBQ right, but they certainly do a great job at it. (http://www.pghbbq.com/)

    I’m sure there are others, but these are the big ones on our list currently. I’d love to expand out list though, so I’ll be paying attention. :)

    • Thanks, Jason! Love the Church Brew Works, but definitely haven’t been there nearly as often as we should. Same goes for Tessaro’s. Have to check out Pittsburgh BBQ. I believe it is friends-who-are-BBQ-connoisseurs approved, also!

  2. I’ve probably eaten in a grand total of four restaurants in Pittsburgh. Three of them are not worth mentioning, but I regularly fantasize about La Feria on Walnut Street. Mmmmm…..
    You’ve probably eaten there with me before, but I will drag you back when I’m in town next time.

    • The Sharpsburg place is the one you have told me about before, right? And what’s that one with a T you’ve been hucking me about for like 2 years? In Lawrenceville?

  3. Hmmm….so my recommendations for your dining pleasure…

    Little Tokyo – Sushi & Japanese Restaurant on Washington Blvd in Mt Lebanon. Honestly and sincerely the best sushi I have had in Da Burgh and i absolutely adore the owners who are there every night. The have sushi & a full hibatchi menu as well. Great place.

    Salt of the Earth – as I Twittered you it was sincerely the best meal Ive had here since I left Isabela on Grandview. It is definitely the kind of place that you just go in and let the chef do his thing. It was amazing.

    Two Brothers BBQ – its by CV high school in Collier across the street from the Presto VFW. Hands down the BEST BBQ I have ever eaten that I didn’t make myself. Prices are more than reasonable and it is just delicious.

    Angkor – Thai/Cambodian place in Noble Manor Shopping center that has divine Curries the husband loves and I am addicted to a Cambodian fried rice that makes me swoon. Worth the trip to Greentree. They also own Lemongrass Cafe in town, but I have never eaten there.

    Pipers Pub – South Side. We dont hit here often, but when we do I have had some of the best English/Scottish/European style food around. Scotch Eggs – thats all I should need to say. Also great for weekend brunch boxties. Nom!

    Thats all i can think of off the top of my head, but are some of my faves around town. Enjoy!

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