More Beer Bread(s)

I had some pumpkin beer left over after #fishtacos, but it was really pushing the limit in terms of acceptable growler time (AGT). When AGT is surpassed – and it doesn’t happen often – I usually cook with the beer since its only real fault is flatness. If you’ll recall, all three growlers had pumpkin beer, so it seemed to me a pumpkin beer bread was kind of a no brainer. I picked the strongest pumpkin flavor (Southern Tier Pumking) and went to work.

I did some recipe research (google “pumpkin beer bread” and you’ll see what I saw) and made some tweaks, starting with the fact that all I had on hand was a can of pumpkin pie filling and NOT canned pumpkin. I also only have one glass bread pan, so I decided to make muffins with the second half of the batter/dough/whatever.

Roughly, it was about four cups of flour (3 all purpose, 1 whole wheat), a stick of butter, 8 oz of pumpkin beer, 16 oz of pumpkin pie filling, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 cup of brown sugar (plus more for the tops) and 2 eggs. I think.

Even those members of the household with a loose tooth (!!) and requesting only soft things for dinner (mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and wilted spinach) enjoyed the muffins tremendously.

After he went to bed, I decided to continue my experiment with the Shipyard, a far more subtle pumpkin beer. I had been eying my cast iron skillet since I used it to quickly wilt the spinach. It looked so lonely on the stove, practically crying out to be filled with more beer bread goodness.

I opted for savory this time, and turned to this lovely recipe on Farmgirl Fare as a base. I swapped out the dill in favor of fresh CSA jalapeno peppers, increased the cheese by 1/2 cup (and used regular shredded, not finely shredded) and increased the beer by 4 oz. I did do the egg glaze, which was marvelous.

Yeah, so probably  should have used a larger skillet, eh?

But when I got it out to cool, it looked a lot better. Less like something trying to take over my stove, and more like something delicious.

Which it was.


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