Babies and hockey

So on the same day that my best friend’s baby* was born, I had an epic battle with my own baby over a haircut and had to physically remove myself from the situation before I (totally) completely lost it.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. (And you’re right.)

But the hair was indeed cut, in time for picture day and (more importantly?) to better fit inside his helmet. For lo, hockey season. It is upon us.

I can’t really describe the thrill I get watching my little boy learn to play ice hockey. If I’m honest, I’ll admit there is a certain amount of pride that goes along with the knowledge that your kid is playing a “cool” sport and not, say, baseball.

He is by no means a star or a standout or a leader on the ice. He’s way too small and too young for any of that. Although he’s not the absolute youngest anymore, he’s close. And in this session there are kids as old as 12, which is like light years out on the ice even though they are only beginning to learn the game, too. His ankles wobble a little towards the end of practice, especially now that they’re skating for an hour and a half at a time.

But he loves it.

He’s been playing “defense”, which is as close to goalie as they have at the moment. It’s interesting to see him think tactically about defending in hockey in much the same way that he’s been learning to do it in soccer. He spends a lot of time on his knees.

And I spent a lot of the time wishing I had a better camera.

*Said baby is also (conveniently) Avi’s second cousin. After looking at the pictures and hearing all that Jonah can do after just a few hours, Avi declared “That sounds a lot like what I can do, except for playing and walking and jumping and crawling and things like that. But I am good at sleeping and eating, too, so we’re a lot alike.”



2 thoughts on “Babies and hockey

  1. Glad to hear the haircut went “well” but he won’t need another for a while. In the meantime, there are the zero lollipops and those save him.

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