Anarchy in the LR

My poor little MacBook has taken its share of physical and verbal abuses lately. The keyboard case is cracked again. The battery won’t hold a charge and needs to be replaced. This took me at least two weeks to figure out, since I thought at first it was just that I had tried to used the fancy MacBook Pro charger and my little MacBook was rebelling. Turns out 600+ cycles is more than reasonable for a single battery. Just need to suck it up and get a new one.

As you might expect, this has had a negative impact on my evening computer consumption. I’ve been lucky enough to leave my work laptop at work (novel concept) much of the time recently, since I’ve basically been on campus for a month. Total laziness gets in the way of me getting out the MacBook when I get home – you know, since I have to deal with CORDS and PLUGS and OMG THIS COMPUTER ISN’T PORTABLE ANYMORE. (My life, it is tough.)

The ultimate indignity came yesterday afternoon, when I was doing a little guest lecture spot for David‘s Studiocraft II class. I accidentally grabbed the MacBook Pro monitor connector (so I could connect to the projector) instead of the connector for my MacBook. When we called the CCon for assistance (and the correct connector), he told me my three and a half year old machine was too old. I was totally shamed. All you college seniors who bought your laptops in 2007, I hope you don’t ever need to do a presentation on campus.

When I came downstairs this morning, I found this:

Might not seem like much in the way of chaos, but look closer: toybox (read: computer storage box) left open, boxes removed, contents rifled, cords pulled out, lamp askew. Okay, maybe the lamp is an outlier. But clearly, I know what happened here.

Someone was looking for the MacBook Pro monitor connector.



One thought on “Anarchy in the LR

  1. I can totally relate to the “outdated” Mac problem. You already know about my battery having the same problem. But your story reminds me of the time when I was on a business trip to SF, brought my Mac to do THE most important presentation of my life, and the cords they used to hook up to their AV stuff didn’t fit my Mac because it was *sobs* outdated.

    Girlfriend, you and I need new laptops.

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