Best Chicken Salad with Toasted Garlic Cheddar Beer Bread

Ah, Thanksgiving break. A time for food, family, friends. And for finally finishing the posts that have been sitting in draft-limbo. Riiiight.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been doing a Saturday or Sunday crock pot thing, mostly inspired by how useful my #fishtacos leftovers proved to be. Now that rugby is over for the season (and the crowd cheers), we’ll probably do more cooking throughout the week, but those easily accessible briskets and pulled chickens were sure nice to have on nights that Avi and I were home alone.

One of our favorite leftover meals was mostly accidental, as usual. I decided to make chicken salad but we had no mayonnaise or celery – two relatively traditional chicken salad ingredients. I didn’t even have Greek yogurt, which is a great alternative. Instead, I had mustard,CSA radishes, beet horseradish, CSA pea shoots, CSA parsley, kosher salt and onions. Turns out, that’s a pretty awesomely delicious combination for chicken salad.

It had a kick to it, obviously. But that was the point. It wasn’t heavy and creamy and mouth-smacky like store-bought chicken salad. The perfect complement to – wait for it – more beer bread. #predictable

Next verse, same as the first. Except with toasted garlic in place of jalapeno. Amazing when toasted.

For Thanksgiving, I made a triple batch in the large cast iron skillet with cheddar, cayenne pepper and the last of the fresh parsley. So. Much. Beer. Bread.


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