Reasonable Expectations

Avi loves school. And I love that Avi loves school. But I do not always love Avi’s school. More specifically, I do not love the lack of communication from Avi’s school about things that I feel are pretty obviously important and worth sharing with, oh I don’t know, his parents.

So far this year, we weren’t told that he’d taken a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch (he’s allergic), that his school pictures came back with someone else’s picture inside (so he still hasn’t gotten his), and then this past Saturday, that he’s apparently been leaving his regular classroom once a week with a couple other kids from kindergarten for gifted class. In all three instances, guess how we found out? Thank goodness he’s a chatterbox.

In the case of the gifted classes, don’t get me wrong – I am absolutely thrilled he is getting the extra enrichment. He is reading and writing and drawing all the time at home, and it’s super fun to watch. I am so proud of him. I think it’s great that he doesn’t seem bored to bring home yet another homework worksheet “introducing” a letter he already knows. I want to keep this love of learning going for as long as possible.

The way we found out? He was talking about his soccer game against the purple team, and the fact that another little girl from the purple team goes with him to the gifted class. Of course he didn’t say “gifted class”, he said the teacher’s name. I had to look her up in the directory, which prompted a whole line of other questions. He described the special class as “sort of like art and science together”, which is awesome.

So what do I do now? I don’t want to make waves, but I do want to get the full story as soon as possible after the holidays. A friend of mine reminded me that I shouldn’t view myself as a nuisance or a pain, and I don’t. But I don’t want to make this any more frustrating and annoying than it already is.

The ironic postscript to the whole story is that this morning there was a two hour delay, and we got a 5:40am automated phone call from the district letting us know. Thanks, guys. I got the text alert. I saw it on Twitter. It was in my email box. I could have looked it up on any number of web sites. I’m sure it was on tv. And if I wanted to, I could have listened to it on the radio just like old times.

My friend Danielle summed up this little scenario nicely:


2 thoughts on “Reasonable Expectations

  1. I feel like that sometimes too.

    Teachers are used to parents contacting them. Every teacher I’ve talked to says they APPRECIATE when parents communicate with them. It shows you care about your kid. It’s not like you’re incessantly texting Avi’s teacher. You have a right to know what he’s learning and what’s happening in class….and when you talk to her…remind her about the school pictures! How annoying!

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