Steam Tunnel Tour at Carnegie Mellon University

I was going to write about scallops tonight, but I can write about scallops any time.

Today, I got to go on a tour of the steam tunnels underneath campus.

I won’t get into why, except to say that it was a totally legitimate, officially sanctioned tour put together by one of the alumni volunteers active with the Pittsburgh alumni chapter that I work closely with, and led by the chief engineer of the university.

Anyone else who attended CMU knows the more important question is HOW?! The mythology of the steam tunnels is one of the most pervasive campus legends – as evidenced by the fact that we had alumni all the way from 1951 to 2010 in attendance at today’s event. Yes, it’s that cool. Yes, they were that off limits. And yes, it’s that big a deal that we were able to put this together!

So without further ado, here are several of my most favorite photographs. My full batch (fully curated! with descriptions even!) is available here. My friend Beth‘s is available here.

Empty tunnel leading from the UC to Maggie Mo

Image by Beth Albert

Under CFA (the steps lead to right outside 33)

Best tunnel graffiti EVAR

Image by Matt Sware

Enter at your own risk


2 thoughts on “Steam Tunnel Tour at Carnegie Mellon University

  1. How cool! What a great experience. I love the ‘do not lick!’ I’m going to have to ask Greg about these – in all the times we’ve talked about our university experiences and lore and such he’s never mentioned the steam tunnels!

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