In the next month, I’m seeing more live theater than when I worked full time for a theater company. And though I know a number of people who worked on the shows of course, I am also pleased (really?!) to say that I had no hand in any of them myself.

I’m totally stoked to see “Hair” at Heinz Hall, part of the PNC Broadway Across America series. I’m actually looking forward to “Camelot” of all things at Pittsburgh Public Theater. And I’m probably most excited to see “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee“, a Carnegie Mellon School of Drama production at the New Hazlett Theater. (We’re hosting an alumni event on February 22, so get your tickets for that evening! It’s also a Showcase benefit night!)


I got an email today from some folks producing Madagascar Live!, which is in Pittsburgh this weekend at the Benedum. I feel a little bad – Super Bowl weekend is a heckuva time to bring a children’s show to this town – and I’m sure it’s a cute production. Avi hasn’t seen the movie, and I’ve only seen bits and pieces, or we would have possibly had the show more on our radar to begin with. As it turns out, not only do I have a huge event Friday night, I have an even huger program on Saturday. Coupled with my trip to LA last weekend and our regular activities (soccer game and hockey practice) this weekend, and well…chances are slim we’d make the show even without football distractions.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss it. Perhaps you’re better at this work/life balance thing than I am recently, hmm?

I’m obviously a ridiculously passionate advocate for children being exposed to theater early and often. Sure, Avi had a magically awesome experience at “Mary Poppins” in January, but this has been my soap box for years. Growing Theater, anyone?

So while I can’t personally vouch for “Madagascar Live!”, if you’ve got kids in your house and time in your schedule, this is probably a great opportunity to introduce them to (or reinforce their burgeoning love for) live theater. I bet great seats are available, particularly on Sunday (there’s both a matinee and an evening performance). And you can’t really beat buy one, get one free, right?

Disclaimer: the “Madagascar Live!” folks offered me free tickets when they provided this information to share with all of you. As I said above, I’m totally overbooked so we won’t be using them, but I thought you all should know. Cheers.


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