Open letter

I’m a little busy. Okay, a lot. I’m sorry. In a little over a week I’ll be done with our biggest event of the year and maybe we can hang out then? But then I go to LA, then it’s commencement, then I go to NYC…so I’ll catch you sometime in June? But not July, because then I’m going to Baltimore…


It’s really not that bad. I wouldn’t be writing this if I couldn’t spare five minutes (Although I am doing so at work. On Saturday. At 7pm. So there you go.) and for the most part things are under control. Wonderfully awesome people (and lots of regular people too!) will be visiting in fewer days than I can count on one hand, and events we’ve been working on for months will be in full swing by Friday. It’s an exciting kind of exhaustion, but I definitely had a holy-moly-how-is-this-going-to-come-together moment earlier this morning. And yesterday. And probably tomorrow, too.


So in the meantime, text me if you need anything, come visit me at Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend if you’re in town and don’t forget to tell me your favorite beer to win VIP tickets to The Big Tap In.

Oh, and cross your fingers for some sunshine next weekend, okay?


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