Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival

(No, I don’t have tickets to give away.)

You can buy them here, though. Because what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to order tickets to a children’s theater festival next weekend? (I’m actually not really joking.)

I have very tangible memories of attending the Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival as a child. Since the festival is turning 25, that would make me probably 8 or 9 when I attended, which is well within memory range for even a goldfish like myself. This year we are taking Avi to see Knuffle Bunny with his cousin on Sunday afternoon, since the weekend wasn’t full enough already with the senior jazz concert, Pittsburgh marathon, commencement and my dad’s epic birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, I am a little bummed that we’re missing the Children’s Festival birthday bash because of all the other weekend events. I like birthday parties, especially ones that involve complimentary theater tickets. You can still go without me, though. I won’t mind.

And seriously, if you haven’t taken your kids to see live theater yet, after my many many soapbox posts, this is really the perfect opportunity. Tickets are so reasonable (like under ten bucks a piece), and there are tons of shows and genres to pick from. If you can’t decide, go for the birthday bash and make a day of it. Wish we could do the same.


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