Readin’ and writin’

Submitted without commentary.

Oh, who am I kidding. Comments below.

Avi was pretty obsessed with Spring Carnival this year. It was a total bummer that the weather was lousy on Saturday, preventing him from actually visiting in person. As you can see above, though, he knows exactly where to find it next year. (A clue: the parking lot.)

April was also National Poetry Month, and Avi decided on the 28th that he wanted to write a poem to read out loud to the whole school the next morning. Apparently a number of kids had already done this, so the logistics and presumption weren’t quite as obnoxious as they sound. This was his first poem, after I suggested he write about “things he likes”. Next time I’ll be more specific. The actual poem he wrote and read (on May 4th, a technicality that bothered him tremendously, as it was no longer the month of poems) was:


THE  BEECH. IS. FUN.  THE. BEECH.  IS.  HOT.   AND.    I.    LIKE.    IT.

A. LOT.   WEL.  WHAT.   DO.   YOU.    KNOW.    ITS.    RANING.

AT.    THE.   BEECH.

(He typed it on my iPad. I didn’t change the punctuation. Um, obviously.)

I don’t correct spelling very often, either. Because honestly? How can you not love “frog fas”?! If you do not love it, in fact, I would propose that you, sir, are a fascist. (And “shawr sop” was part of the shopping list that he was making for me around his drawing.)

We got invited to a show tomorrow. You should be jealous. It’s a special pufirmints that we are nat dresing up for, okay? Kindergarten, I heart you.


4 thoughts on “Readin’ and writin’

  1. $5.27. What an oddly specific number! I love getting these kinds of notes from T now. They really show his creativity and great desire to be understood.

  2. I love Avi’s phonetic kid writing. Is that something his school actively encourages and supports? It’s part of the kindergarten program at Abbey’s school and I found it gave her so much more confidence and excitement about writing in general.

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